export import Shipping Containers Birthday on 26 April 1956

export import Shipping Containers Birthday on 26 April 1956
Container Born  Day, 26 April 1956
We all know containers such as Container, Box, Teus, Feu, Units. It comes in many sizes & shapes such as 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, GP, HQ, FR, OT, etc. One of the biggest & greatest inventions of the 20th Century.  Just think without containers how you can export or import large volume & heavyweight cargo. It is a gift for the Modern world. 

Who found the Shipping Containers?

Mr. Malcom Mclean (An American trucking Co. Owner & Trucker)  invented and made the concept of intermodal container shipping.  With the help of  Mechanical Engineer Keith, they made First Container. After many discussions and plans on 26 April, 1956 loaded the first lot of 58 containers onboard the converted tanker vessel ISEAL X in Newark, New Jersey bound for Houston, Texas. The event marks the birth of containerization, which revolutionized cargo handling worldwide.

Malcom Mclean, Keith Tantlinger, SS Ideal X
From Left to Right: Malcom Mclean, Keith Tantlinger, SS Ideal X

Advantages/Benefits of the containerization ranges from  

  1. Very easy to handle the cargo
  2. The flexibility of cargo operation  
  3. Door to Door delivery movement with same unit/container 
  4. Cargo security 
  5. Cheaper sea freight 
Nowadays vessels can carry more than 16000 containers carry on the vessel. 
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