How to register AD code Online on ICEGATE ?

AD code registration online
Authorised Dealer Code Registration Online

How to register AD code Online on ICEGATE ?

To register AD Code online on IECGATE for export import customs clearance purpose first, you have to register yourself on Iecgate. You can register on IECGATE without digital key but we recommend that please buy Class - III digital key first because you have to sign and upload supporting docs with help of digital key.

Step by step the process of the AD code registration online 

  1. Open Icegate Website : 
  2. Register without digital key - Auto Iec registration 
  3. If you have digital key then use this link for registration - IECGATE partnership registration 
  4. Once you registered please login - Login Page 
  5. After login go to Bank account management tab & select Authorized dealer code registration from the drop down menu
  6. Upload all the supporting documents through  E-Sanchit after login. You will find this tab once you login on Icegate.
  7. Before uploading documents you have to sign digitally all the documents through Digital Signature
  8. The exporters are advised to request the respective Bank to send the abovementioned Bank Authorisation Letter and/or NOC from their branch Email ID directly to the E-mail ID- (Your custom station) EDI, Section.

 Required supporting documents to register AD code online

  1. Bank authorisation letter in format attached as Annexure-A 
  2. Copy of IEC 
  3. Copy of GST registration Certificate 
  4. Copy of PAN Card of the Company/Partnership Entity 
  5. Copy of PAN Card of Authorised Signatory (Director/Partner/Proprietor) in Bank Account 
  6. Copy of cancelled cheque
Video Tutorial Watch 

Source: Public Notice No 79/2020 Dt. 08/07/2020

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