Carriage of arms, ammunition, explosive, military stores

Carriage of arms, ammunition, explosive, military stores
Carriage of arms, ammunition, explosive, military stores

Have you ever think how export or carriage of arms, ammunition, explosive, military stores by Air? No person shall carry or cause to permit to be carrier in any aircraft to, from, within or over India, any arms, ammunitions, munitions of war, implements of war, explosives and military stores, except with the written permission of the Central Government and subject to the terms and conditions of such permission.

Where the carriage of any goods is permitted under sub -rule(1), it shall be the duty of the pilot, the consignor and every person concerned with the booking, handling of carriage of such goods, to take all precautions to avoid danger to the aircraft or to the persons on board or to any other person or property and in particular, to ensure that-

  1. The goods are so packed, protected and secured as to avoid any possibility of them being a source of danger.
  2. The Goods are so carried as not be accessible to the passengers on board the aircraft; and
  3. The nature of the goods is clearly and conspicuously marked on the package containing them.
The Consignor of such goods shall give the operator a written notice specifying the nature, weight, and quantity of the goods and the name and full address of the consignee, and the operator shall inform the pilot-in-command of the aircraft of all such particulars before the goods are placed on board the aircraft.

Where any officer, authorized in this behalf by the Central Government has reasons to believe that the provisions of the rule are, or are about to be, contravened, he may cause such goods to be placed under his custody, pending detailed examination of the nature of the goods or pending a decision regarding the action if. any to be taken in the matter
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