Important of Label in export and import cargo

When you export goods you must have to put a clean label on goods as per your commercial invoice and packing list.

Example: If you are exporting fan, mobile & glasses in 3 boxes and you forgot to put a label on goods. Now you are sending goods to port/ICD for custom clearance purpose. Your C.HA has filed invoice and packing list to generate s/bill number. 

Now, at the time of examin, custom inspector want to chek FAN as you have mentioned 3 Boxes. 
So without label how can he open the BOX. Now that is why custom will put an query in your shipment till your claryfication.

To avoid query & saving time you must have to affiliate clean label on Goods. Now if one exporter exporting same goods as mentioned in above example. But, He made lable as per below

Product No:1
Box No:1 out of 3
Commodity: FAN
Shipper Name:
Consignee Name: 

Product No:2
Box No:2 out of 3
Commodity: Mobile
Shipper Name:
Consignee Name:

Product No:3
Box No:3 out of 3
Commodity: Glasses
Shipper Name:
Consignee Name:

Now, at the time of examin custom officer will ask for Mobile then your c.h.a can show him Box no.2 and query will be resolved 

As per my experience so many shipements are getting delay only because of Cargo Label.
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