Now India Will Export Broken Rice And Wheat To Four Countries

You may know that since April 2022 wheat and broken have been banned for export from India. Today a very big decision has been announced by the Government of India due to which you will be able to export wheat and broken rice to four countries.

Export of broken rice and wheat

HS Code 10064000 | Harmonized System Code Broken Rice.
HS Code 10011100 | Harmonized System Code Wheat

India has decided that now it will export wheat and broken rice to four countries, I will tell you which countries in this article. In this regard, the Central Government of India has issued two separate notifications on June 20, 2023

Broken rice will be exported to the following countries

According to this notification of the Central Government of India, broken rice will be exported from India to Indonesia, Senegal and Gambia during FY 2023 24.

Wheat will be exported from India to Nepal

Department of Commerce of India invites application for export of wheat from exporters for allotment of wheat quota. The Government of India has given permission to export wheat to the neighboring country but if you know, on May 13 last year it banned wheat export.

Trade notice issued by the DGFT

A notice has been issued by DGFT in this matter and in this notice it has been said that they have received a request from the Government of Nepal that 24 people need wheat from India in 2023. Therefore, India should export wheat to Nepal and the Government of India has approved this request on the basis of human rights and food security.

Applications can be submitted from 21 to 30 June

As per DGFT's notice, only applications filed between June 21 and June 30 will be accepted. To maintain transferability in the process, the application will be made through an online portal only.  This permission will be given to those who have been registered with the commodity for the last three years.

DGFT notification on broken rice & wheat export:

TRADE NOTICE 09/2023 508 KB
TRADE NOTICE 08/2023 508 KB

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