AD Code meaning and format in word file

All About AD Code meaning & registration in customs

AD Code meaning & Format 

What is the meaning of authorized dealer(AD) Code?  This code is very important in export & import business. Without this code, you can not export by sea or air. AD code means AUTHORIZED DEALER  code which you will get it from your bank where you have opened a current account for the export-import business. You need this code on bank letter pad to register in customs. The bank will mention a unique 14 digit authorized dealer code on their letter. 

Why AD code is important? 

The first thing without this code you can not register your account in customs. You have to register this code in customs because if you have not registered then you CHA will not be able to generate shipping bill number for export shipments. Also, when you register this code in customs then after export shipment you will receive drawback amount directly in your bank account.

Which documents you need to register AD Code in customs? 

  1. Request letter (Self Attested)
  2. Import Export Code Copy (Self Attested)
  3. Pan Card Copy (Self Attested)
  4. Original AD Code letter from the Bank 
  5. GST copy (Self Attested)

When AD code required? 

When you export shipment first time from any ICD or Port means you have to register when you use any port or icd first time for the customs clearance. This only one time process unless and until you do not change your bank account  

The format of Requesting Letter & AD Code

  1. Requesting Letter (Open & Download then edit)
  2. Authorized Dealer Code (Open & Download then edit)

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