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Export Import India for this subject. Today we will explain AtoZ about the customs broker exam. This exam held under regulation 6 of CBLR 2018. We will explain this in very easy language. We will not use any hard language which the government of India uses everywhere. According to us all the rules, laws should be in very easy and understanding language  
Who should give this Exam?
  1. If you want to work as a customs broker or customs house agent(C.H.A) at any customs station in INDIA
  2. If you want to open your own company for the customs clearance work and If you need a license 
Many people called this exam as "Rule 6", "F card Holder", "CBLR", "CHA exam" and "customs broker examination"

Who will qualify or passed this exam successfully they will get "F card" and that person called "F card holder" 

Definition of "F card holder" :

A person who has passed the examination referred to in regulation 6 and has been issued a photo identity card in Form F

Who can give Customs Broker Agent exam?

Before applying for this exam to the principal commissioner of customs or commissioner of customs, applicants have to meet the following conditions that:-

  1. He/She is a citizen of India
  2. He/She is a person of sound mind
  3. He/She is not adjudicated as insolvent
  4. He/She holds an Aadhaar number
  5. He/She holds a valid PAN card
  6. He/She has not been penalized for any offense
  7. He/She has neither been convicted by a competent court for an offense nor any criminal proceeding is pending against him in any court of law
  8. The applicant has financial viability as evidenced by a certificate issued by a scheduled bank, in terms of possession of assets of the value of not less than five lakhs rupees
  9. A retired Group A officer from the IRS has a minimum of  five years experience in Group A post

Qualification for Customs Broker Agent exam

  1. Graduate from a recognized university 
  2. Professional degrees such as Masters or equivalent degree in Accounting, Finance OR Management, CA/CS/MBA/LLM/ACMA/FCMA OR Diploma in Customs Clearance work from any Institutes or University recognized by the Government OR having at least two years  experience in transecting Customs broker work as G-Card holder 

Where you will get an application form?

  1. The Directorate General of Performance Management (DGPM) shall in the month of April of every year invite applications for conducting an examination in form A by publication in two leading national daily newspaper in English & Hindi. Also, update the information on Web portal
  2. You will get also an application form A on each & every local customs station website in public notice tab. Example: Ahmedabad Customs  , Mundra Customs , Delhi Customs  
  3. Exam Fees: 500 INR
  4. Form A along with a fee of five hundred rupees shall be made to the principal commissioner of customs, as the case may be, having jurisdiction over the area where the applicant intends to carry on his business 

Process of the customs broker agent exam 

  1. The intimation shall be sent individually to applicants in advance before the date of exam
  2. The online written exam is conducted every year by The National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics 
  3. The applicant who is declared successful in the written examination shall be called for an oral examination 
  4. The applicant shall be required to clear both the online written & oral exam 
  5. An applicant shall be allowed a maximum of six attempts to pass the examination 

Syllabus of CBLR / CBA / CHA / Rule 6 / F card exam

Duration: 3 Hours
Language: English & Hindi
No of Questions: 150
Marking Scheme: +3 for each correct answer
                            : -1 for each incorrect answer 
Maximum Marks: 450
Qualifying Marks: 270 (60%)

  1. The Customs Act, 1962 ( Recommended by Export Import India)
  2. Customs Tariff Act, 1975
  3. Foreign Trade Act 1992
The examination may include questions on the following:
  1. Preparation of bills of entry, bills of export, shipping bills and other clearance docs
  2. Arrival entry and clearance of the vessel
  3. Tariff classification and rates of duty
  4. Determination of value of imported and export goods
  5. Conversion of Currency 
  6. Documents to be filed with bills of entry, bills of export, shipping bills and other clearance docs
  7. Procedure for assessment and payment of duty including a refund of duty paid
  8. Examination of goods at the customs station
  9. Prohibitions on import and export
  10. Clearance under bond
  11. Re-importation 
  12. Drawback
  13. Export promotional schemes 
  14. The Special Economic Zone Scheme
Grant Of License -  

The applicant who passed online and oral exam, He/She has to make payment of a fee of 5000 INR within two months of the declaration of the results of the oral exam. The applicant who has paid the fee of 5000 INR shall be granted a license by the principal commissioner of customs as below

Grant of License in Form B1 - If  applicant individual passed the exam
Grant of License in Form B2 - If applicant association with the company or any firm 

The validity of License - 10 Years 
Renewal Fee: 15,000 INR 

Next CHA / CBLR written exam date is 24 March 2021

NOTE: Before granting license, Applicant has to furnish a bank guarantee OR a postal security OR National Saving Certificate OR a fixed deposit receipt issued by a nationalized bank, in the name of The Principal Commissioner Of Customs OR Commissioner Of Customs, as the case may be, for an amount of five lakhs rupees for carrying out the business as a Customs Broker. 

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