How to export onion from India to any country

How to export onion from India to any country

export onion from India
Onion Export From India
Today we are going to discuss very common and easily available vegetable. Yes, It's Onion. It is very useful for cooking. I don't think that Indians can make food without onion. That is why we are the huge producer of onion & it is cheapest. You can export Chilled Green Onions, Chilled Onions, Chilled Onions Pearl, Spring Onions, Dried Onions. Today we will learn how can we export onion from India to any other country in the world. First, you have to find overseas buyers who can buy onions from you. To find buyers countries you can take the help of a government website or Google or whatever sources you have. 

TOP 10 Onion import countries from India

As per market research below are the top 10 countries who are importing Onion from India. Most of the countries are our neighbor 

  1. Malaysia
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Indonesia
  6. Nepal
  7. Qtar
  8. Viet Nam
  9. Kuwait
  10. Saudi Arabia

Bubble graph on the prospect for market diversification

Onion exported by India in 2017

you can use one door open container for rad onion export & for dried onion you can use reefer container

one door open container for onion
one door open container for onion

reefer container
reefer container

Which documents are required for Onion Exports

Please find below documents required for onion export from India
  1. IEC
  2. GST Copy
  3. Invoice
  4. Packing List
  5. Certificate Of Origin
  6. Letter Of Credit (L/C) - Recommended not mandatory 
  7. Phytosanitary Certificate
  8. Apeda Certificate

If you have any query please comment on below post. We will make video tutorial soon and uplaod on our Youtube channel 

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