How to start an Export Business

an export business
Let's learn about the international business

How to start an export business?

Nowadays international business is very in demand. If you really want to generate good income then you should start an export business. Most of the people are thinking that to do export business is very hard and risky but believe me it is not that hard. if you will understand basic rules and laws of this business then you can become the king of this business. Export business is really helping to the country to generate revenue, manpower & jobs. It is one of the main sources to increase the country financial economy. Today, we will explain everything about this business so ready carefully and peacefully. if you will not understand some points you can comment on below post. we will try to give an answer as early as possible. 

Why you want to start an export business? 

We have received so many messages, WhatsApp and comments that "Sir! I want to start an export business, Please help". Today we want to ask you why you want to start an export business? Most of the user's common answer as per below
  1. Sir! I want to make big money
  2. Sir! I want to do something big in my life
  3. Sir! I want to make money in short time
  4. Sir! I have no money but I want to export
So, with reference to above answers, everybody wants to make a good money. Of course, you can make good money but it is not that easy. For that, you have to start some groundwork. You have to believe in your self, you need the passion for that. You have to understand the international business system and domestics custom rules. First, ask yourself below questions?

  1. Do you have a product?
  2. Do you have a buyer? 
  3. Do you able to manage big volume?
  4. How much money you can invest? 
  5. Are you ready for risk? 

Basic requirements to start an export business

I have made some important things list which you must have to start the export business. Please take a note. 

  1. Product/Commodity 
  2. Buyer/Consignee
  3. Supplier/Manufacturer 
  4. A good website
  5. Registered Company 
  6. IEC (Import Export Code) 
  7. Authorised dealer code letter from the bank 
  8. GST
  9. RCMC (Register cum Membership Certificate) for your commodity/Product 
  10. C.H.A
  11. Freight Forwarder 

How to find buyers for export business?

First of all, make a very good website with detailed of your products. Make a small video of your product and display on your website. Connect your website with all your social media link pages. After that take a help of Google AdWords and start online marketing. You will definitely get an inquiry in few months. 

Second, If you have good finance background than take a part in Internation and domestic exhibition. You will get all exporters & Imports during visit your store in the exhibition.

Third, Be a member of Export promotional council for your final product. They will also help to discover and explore your product.

Fourth, Search your self on internet and contact to importer/ Buyer by Phone and Email

 Tutorial Video for How to start an Export Business start to end


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