Cheater Sales Person Of Air & Shipping Line

Cheater Sales Person Of Air & Shipping Line

Recently one of my friend faced very bad experienced in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and that I want to share with you. He is working in a leading clearing & forwarding company having own Custom House Agent and IATA licence based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is very hard working and honest person. He has a good professional relation with one of the exporter since last 4 years. My friend & that shipper are doing great business together. But, unfortunately in last week because of one of the Airline’s sales person their relations are spoiled now and my friend loosed customer.

Being an Airline, they do not suppose to contact directly to any exporter or importer for air freight. Each and every shipper cannot take rate from airline without IATA licenced agent. Now, the problem is Airline’s sales person given screen shot of communication between IATA & Airline to that shipper. This should not be done by Airline’s sales person. Now result is IATA agent loosed their good customer and trust on Airline.

Being a Freight forwarding & IATA company, they are investing huge money for marketing to find clients. They invest time, money & energy to find business for their company. Only because of some stupid Shipping & Air line’s sales person IATA and freight forwarding company loose their customer. These types of sales person are making some cash out of it and work against their company policy. They must know difference between smart work & dirty politics.  

According to me every company must have honest employee who work smart with company policy. Being a Clearing, Forwarding and IATA agent if you find any cheater sales person you need to share the information about him/her with your trade. Complain to their management and ask airline and shipping line to take strict action against him. Don’t do business with airline & shipping line having this type of cheater sales person. If possible file the F.I.R and make him/her example in trade.

If sales person can cheat on client then He/she can do everything against company business. Find and fired them from the organisation.

We should respect each and every company’s investment, time and energy for sales & marketing. Do smart work not a cheating with your client or company.

Export Import India will strictly not support this type of work in export and import field. We will expose him/her in trade. 
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