Export Process step by step

Do you want to know about Export Process ?

Export Process
Everybody asking us about Export Process let us explain .. First of all Seller will start marketing to overseas(International) to sell their products. Once seller got a Buyer from Online Marketing or International Exhibition or their relative, Seller & Buyer will discuss about product quality, packaging, payment terms and of course pricing. If buyer happy with seller's product & condition buyer will give order for Import. If you are a seller then in your first order you will confuse about receiving payment. Like how buyer will pay ? When he will pay ? But, Don't worry for international business Bank will help you for this transaction. You can take help from the bank for payment security. Bank will issue Letter of Credit (LC) and this document is secure your payment. We will discuss about Letter of Credit in detail in next post. Once everything is ready, you are ready to sell your products to overseas or other country. And this will be your first (Export) shipment.

Important steps of Export Process

Now you will be the Exporter and As an Exporter you have to prepare pre Export Documents. This is the time to hire C.H.A ( Custom House Agent ) & Freight Forwarder who are take care of whole your shipment. C.H.A (Custom House Agent) will handle all your task related custom department of your country like custom clearance , Examination , Fumigation etc. and Freight Forwarder will handle all your task related Shipping line like book container, reserve space in Ship etc. Export Process is very easy If you do perfect documentation.

Custom Clearance Presentation of Export Process 

In above presentation you can see custom clearance process. This the all Export Process and Once your shipment is custom cleared then your cargo is ready to ship. if you want know more Click Here 

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