Rs 10 Crores of cigarettes seized by Mundra Customs (GUJARAT)

Bhuj. 21/09/2015 – Monday.

            As per the latest news received from Mundra, that Mundra Customs has sealed two Import containers were carrying the illegal cargo of Cigarettes & Cosmetics products worth Rs. 10 Crores on the bases of bogus Bill of Entry. Whole operation was held by the teep received by Principal Commissioner of Customs Mr. P.V.R. Reddy and the operation was lead by Additional Commissioners Mr. Vrindba Gohel & Mr. Gautam, in co-operation of Assistant Commissioner Mr. V.P. Singh.

The import was done by the two parties of Mumbai named as “Season International” & “Intake Poly Pvt. Ltd.” On 18th Sep, 2015. There were two containers were departed from local CFS (Custom Freight Station) have been trapped near Sachin area of Surat by the Surat Police. The containers were imported from Dubai carrying the Chinese products -   Cigarettes & Cosmetics.

As per the Bill of Entry, the containers have got the clearance from customs by showing Baby Diapers (misrepresentation on the bases of fake documents) but the department has got the shock when they came to know about this huge scam. It is being assumed that there is someone big personality as a back bone of this scam. Customs has arrested three local people named Suresh Mithubhai Makwana, Maalam Keshavji Jungi (Sunil) & Rameshbabu Satyanarayan Kandali and they will be in the Police custody up to 3rd Octo. 2015.

The bogus documents were prepared into one of the hotel of Bhuj but as per the part of Secret operation, Custom has not reveled to any name yet. The figure of seized Cigarettes has reached to Rs. 25 Crores this month which is indicating to the huge scam.
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