Terminal handling Charges:

Terminal handling charge in word is an admixture of all the charges from ship board handling / quay transfer / yard stacking and operations and finally gate-rail operations. Thus for container terminals to avoid multiple and confusing billing practices – these are combined into one unit. Plus in container it is a standard box defined by either on TEU or FEU – so billing becomes lot easier.

It is necessary to understand – as to what are the elements that are included in the THC from the Forwarder / Line – so that one is clear about the additional / extra charges and especially reasons thereof. It is of course a standard practice that the original receipts are provided to the customers by the LSP. However some charges like SSR (Special Service Charge) can be examined in respect of its need and quantity.

Moreover a reading of a port tariff couple of times would give a very clear idea as to the process that is taking place in the port and the ways to negotiate with different ports in terms of volume and quantity; it is obvious that this line is not intended for small parcels.

Just for information – the Major Ports’ tariff setting is controlled by the TAMP (Tariff Authority for Major Ports) that is set up by the Ministry through an enactment. But the private ports are always setting tariff basing the market forces. Thus all efforts must be taken to understand the same and negotiate when volumes speaks.
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