Required Documents for import Shipment to India

      Authority letter & KYC
      IEC Copy
      Packing List
      Original B/Lading duly endorsed on the reverse
      Certificate of Origin
      L/C or P.O.
      Product  Literature/MSDS  &  Catalogue
      Original Pre-inspection certificate in Scrap Consignment.
      Test Certificate showing Chemical Composition.
      B/Entry to be filed under Please tick (A) H/C – (B) W/H
      B/Entry to be filed under DUTY/DEEC/DFRC/EPCG/100% EOU/T.P- Provide Licence Details & Debit Details
      Previous  passed B/Entry
      Freight Bill / Insurance Bill ( If FOB shipment ) .
      Delivery Instructions & Destination

      END use certificate
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