For Freight Forwarders,

If you haven't done Haz shipment and you want to take Haz booking then please ask to shipper for below documents
  1. MSDS certificate ( Material safety data sheet )
  2. IIP certificate ( Indian institute of packaging )
  3. DG certificate ( Dangerous Good declaration )
From above documents you can get all the detail which you need for place the booking & Haz approval.

Without above documents you will not get the approval from Shipping Line.

Please make sure when you place the booking mention below detail correct without fail  
  • Technical name 
  • Proper shipping name
  • Flash point
  • inner package
  • outer package
  • gross weight
  • net weight
  • total no of pkgs
  • emergency contact detail
Before hand over the container pls make sure DG is indexed in Shipping line for Smooth Operation.

In some of Shipping lines you can index DG  after hand over the container 
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